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Black Ops Cold War Error Code 3107840166 PC Fix

The Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War error code 3107840166 is a frustrating issue on PC, forcing a crash to desktop. It appears to be a widespread problem, with many forum posts and social media complaints starting to pop up. Fortunately, there is an error code 3107840166 fix that has worked for various different people online. Here’s the lowdown on how to fix the crashing to desktop error in Black Ops Cold War if “the application has unexpectedly stopped working.”

How to fix Black Ops Cold War error code 3107840166

Black Ops Cold War error code 3107840166

The CoD: Black Ops Cold War fatal error 3107840166 boots players from whatever they are doing in-game with a crash to desktop and exit the game. It’s a widespread issue that has affected many different PC players since the game’s launch. Fortunately, there are a number of quick fixes that, hopefully, should get the game up-and-running again.

Black Ops Cold War 3107840166 error fix

  • Try to Scan and Repair as the error message says.
    • Head into game Options and click on Scan and Repair.
  • Exit and restart the game.
  • Restart the PC.
  • Make sure the internet connection is stable.
  • Remove overclock on GPU and CPU.
  • Disable undervolt on GPU.
  • Download and install graphics driver updates
  • Lower graphics settings (try to reduce stress on components).
  • Use MSI Afterburner to underclock GPU and CPU.
  • Increase GPU fan speed to help cool the component.
  • Remove the high-resolution content in the installation file (thanks to the comment from ArcT1984 below)

If none of the above fixes work, meanwhile, Treyarch should fix the Black Ops Cold War 3107840166 crashing to desktop error via an update. Hopefully, the fix comes sooner rather than later. Remember to check up on Activision Support on Twitter and the official Black Ops Cold War Trello page (when it goes live) for any incoming fixes. Hopefully, too, some of the fixes above work for frame-rate issues the game has.

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