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Black Ops Cold War Operation Red Circus | Examine Evidence Three Suspects Choice

Choosing the right three suspects in the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Red Circus side mission can be difficult. Players have to examine evidence to work out who Bearded Lady, Strong Man, and Juggler are. You must choose three suspects before starting the mission. Here’s how to get all three pieces of evidence, including where to find them, followed by instructions on how to choose the correct suspects.

How to choose the right three suspects in Black Ops Cold War Red Circus

Black Ops Cold War Operation Red Circus Examine Evidence

There are three pieces of evidence to collect that will lead players to correctly identifying the Bearded Lady, Strong Man, and Juggler. These are found in different missions. The evidence can then be combined to decide on the right suspects.

Get all three pieces of evidence

  • Franz Kraus’s Ledger
    • Location: Brick in the Wall mission
    • The ledger is found in Kraus’ bedroom. Check the drawers.
  • Cassette Tape with Activities Report
    • Location: Echoes of a Cold War mission
    • The cassette tape is found on a table in the command room.
  • Wristwatch Containing Dead Drop List
    • Location: Desperate Measures mission
    • The wristwatch is on a desk inside the records room.

Use evidence to choose correct suspects

  1. Select the Cassette Tape with Activities Report.
  2. Use the tape to work out whether the double agents are male or female.
  3. Select Franz Kraus’s Ledger
  4. Use the ledger and note the location and dates for each double agent.
  5. Select the Wristwatch Containing Dead Drop List
  6. Use the wristwatch to get more locations and dates.
  7. Combine the genders and two dates for each codename.
  8. Use all of that information to work out the correct suspects.

The results will be different for each player, which means it’s not possible to give exact names to each codename. So long as players take their time to match everything up and check that the three names are correct, things should go smoothly.

What happens if you don’t choose the right suspects?

Players are reporting that choosing the wrong suspects has no lasting impact on the game. Though, players can always replay the mission to see what happens differently.

As a side mission, Operation Red Circus doesn’t need to be completed to finish the main story. Players are able to come back to it at a later time.

The Operation Chaos side mission is equally difficult to solve, requiring players to decrypt a floppy disk. Thankfully, there’s a Game Revolution guide for that.

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