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Dead by Daylight Xbox Series X|S softlock fix

Asymmetrical multiplayer horror game, Dead by Daylight, is experiencing major issues on Xbox Series X|S. The next-generation console update seeks to improve the popular title, but, in reality, the experience is now much worse. A widespread Dead by Daylight Xbox Series X|S softlock issue is preventing players from joining online matches. Of course, that leaves next-gen early adopters eager to discover a fix.

How to fix Dead by Daylight Xbox Series X|S softlocking

Dead by Daylight Xbox Series X|S softlock

After downloading Dead by Daylight (DBD) on Xbox Series X|S and attempting to join a multiplayer lobby, players are encountering a softlock. After waiting for a while, it can either fix itself and successfully load or (more often) crash completely. DBD Xbox Series X|S crashes are, unfortunately, very common. Is there a way to avoid Dead By Daylight softlocking and crashing on Xbox Series X|S, though?

It is possible to load into a Dead by Daylight session on Xbox Series X|S without the game glitching out, but trying and failing until it works isn’t ideal. It’s especially annoying on a new console with a limited library, but waiting on a patch is the best solution. Hopefully, Behaviour Interactive is quick to issue a Dead by Daylight Xbox Series X|S update and fix the crashing errors. Maybe then consumers with delayed console pre-orders can play from day one.

Dead by Daylight developer Behaviour Interactive is aware of the softlock and crashing issues on Xbox Series X|S and is devoting its “fullest attention” to releasing a fix. After acknowledging the Dead by Daylight bug that stops players loading into games on Xbox Series X|S, the studio apologized for any inconvenience caused.

Xbox Series X|S was a hugely successful launch for Microsoft, so it’s unfortunate to see these kinds of issues occur. Meanwhile, other users are basically inviting problems by vaping into the Xbox Series X.