Some Amazon Xbox Series X orders are being delayed

Some parts of the world are gearing up to jump into the next gen with the imminent launch of the Xbox Series X and S. But some of those who bought their Halo-ready fridge on Amazon might have to wait a little bit longer. Some are reporting that their orders from the online retailer will arrive sometime before the new year, which is quite the message to get the day before launch.

Noted Microsoft insider Brad Sams tweeted that his Xbox Series X from Amazon won’t be coming until December 31, 2020 at the latest. And according to Sams, this wasn’t a new order either; he bought it just “minutes after it went live.”

Sams is not alone. Other people on Twitter have posted the same email stating they wouldn’t get their systems at launch. The Amazon Help account has been responding to some peeved users who are a little less than thrilled to be receiving emails notifying them of a shipping delay and not a shipping confirmation. Amazon is citing “high demand” as a reason for the unannounced push.

Some tweets have stated that it will come as soon as possible while others said the system would come sometime in November or December. Users will get an email notification about when their system plans get finalized. However, it isn’t clear if these people will also see some sort of compensation for the delay.

Amazon sent similar emails for PS5 owners back in September right after the surprise pre-orders went live. The language used in both cases had some similarities, but the bigger issue here is how Amazon gave an end date of December 31 for the Xbox Series X. The PS5 orders didn’t have any such date attached. People who pre-ordered PS5 consoles from Amazon have not posted similar emails. Hopefully, Amazon won’t wait until Wednesday night to send such warnings if they are being sent at all.

This uncertainty around the next-gen launches is causing some people to panic, even people outside of the United States. But it seems like the wait is worth it for both the PS5 and Xbox Series X.