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Does Demon’s Souls have bonfires | How to save, level up, and fast travel

Longtime fans of the Souls series will make finding a bonfire their first priority in Demon’s Souls. After all, that familiar sanctuary offers fast-travel, saving, and a place to level up. Those that have played Dark Souls will start the game searching for a bonfire in Demon’s Souls, but does it even have them?

We’ll cover how to save, fast travel, and level up below. We’ll also examine whether or not Demon’s Souls has bonfires.

Does Demon’s Souls have bonfires?

Going into Demon’s Souls blind as beginners, we continually kept an eye out for a bonfire in the first area. Imagine our surprise when we progressed through the whole of the Boletarian Palace and faced the boss without finding one. No, Demon’s Souls does not have bonfires, and saving, leveling, and fast-travel are all handled differently than in the Dark Souls series.

How to level up in Demon’s Souls

Demon's Souls Bonfire how to Level Up

To level up in Demon’s Souls, players must visit The Maiden in Black in The Nexus. However, she doesn’t appear until after defeating the boss of Boletarian Palace, Phalanx. Since bonfires allow players to level up almost directly after the Dark Souls games start, this will be confusing for those who haven’t played this game before.

How to fast travel in Demon’s Souls

Fast travel is handled by Archstones, which typically appear after defeating a boss. The Archstones in each world are linked together, but a player must return to The Nexus to switch worlds.

How to save in Demon’s Souls

Saving occurs when the player enters the menu and chooses to save and exit the game. There’s no autosave except for when a player manually saves and exits the game from the menu or by closing it on the PS5 dashboard.

All these systems work much like they do in Dark Souls. The only difference is that they’re split across three locations instead of being localized to the bonfire. It’ll be confusing for Dark Souls players who have never played this game, but it doesn’t take long to adapt.