PS5 Tethering Not Working Fix | How to tether to phone

PS5 tethering is necessary for many users who don’t have strong home internet. Being able to pair the PlayStation 5 with an Android or iPhone can save the day when it comes to big downloads on playing online without lag. Here’s how to tether a phone to PS5 and fix errors.

Why is PS5 tethering not working?

PS5 Tethering Not Working Fix

PS5 tethering not working can be for a number of reasons. The next-gen console works best with a stable wired home internet connection using an Ethernet cable. The next best option is a stable wireless connection over Wi-Fi.

The main reason for PS5 tethering not working is due to how the PlayStation 5 interacts with Android and iPhone devices.

In an ideal world, users could plug in their phone using USB for a physical connection. Unfortunately, PS5 tethering is limited to wireless connections. This means the iPhone or Android is wirelessly accessing the internet via mobile data, and the PS5 is then wirelessly connected to the internet via the phone. This can make connections weak.

How to tether phone to PS5

PS5 Tethering Not Working Fix

To tether a phone to a PS5, do the following for Android and iPhone:

  • Go into the phone settings and enable Mobile Hotspot.
  • Set a name and password.
  • Go to the PS5’s connectivity settings.
  • Wait until the phone’s name appears in the list of Wi-Fi devices.
  • Connect to the phone using the password.
  • Test the connection to ensure speeds are fast enough.

How to improve a PS5 tethered connection

  • Reconnect to the tethered device.
  • Move the phone or tablet into a different position.
  • Ensure there are no items obstructing the phone or tablet from getting a good connection.
  • Move the phone or tablet closer to the PS5.

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