Black Ops Cold War PS4 Controller Disconnect Fix

PS4 players are having a frustrating time making their way through Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War‘s campaign. A controller bug can occur on PS4 when starting the third campaign mission, “Fractured Jaw” (although some players have reported it occurring when starting the fourth mission or even during multiplayer) that causes the DualShock 4 to disconnect and shut off. This error prevents players from decrypting the floppy disk, finding the three suspects, or seeing the ending.

Unfortunately, a fix for this Black Ops Cold War bug isn’t as simple as turning the controller back on. It’ll refuse to reconnect until the console is restarted, and then it’ll proceed to do the same thing again. Though there is most likely a patch on the way to fix this, there is a workaround that’ll help right now.

How to fix Black Ops Cold War controller bug

Black Ops Cold War Set Controller to USB Mode

The fix to the PS4 controller disconnecting in Black Ops Cold War is simple. Players just have to take away the ability for the DualShock 4 to disconnect at all. Unfortunately, this means that the gamepad must be connected via USB while playing.

To fix the controller disconnect bug:

  • Connect the DualShock 4 to the console via a USB cable.
  • Go to Settings -> Devices -> Controller -> Communication Method.
  • Switch from “Use Bluetooth” to “Use USB Cable.”

Note that simply plugging the DualShock 4 up to the PS4 won’t do the job. Switching the above setting tells the console to accept controller input via USB. Otherwise, the console continues to use Bluetooth, even when the controller is charging via USB.

After completing the campaign mission in which the bug occurred, players can attempt to connect the DualShock 4 via Bluetooth again. There’s no definite answer right now, but it’s unlikely that the bug affects the entire campaign. However, even if the problems persist, USB mode should be unaffected but the disconnect issue. As inconvenient as it is, playing wired is a failsafe way to continue enjoying the game until the PS4 bug is patched out.