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Black Ops Cold War Rescue or Kill Richter | Can you save Greta in Brick in the Wall?

Not far into Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War you’ll reach a mission called Brick in the Wall. This mission will eventually force you to choose either to rescue or kill Lukas Richter, an informant being held hostage in Berlin. From there things only get more messy. Here’s what happens when choosing to kill or rescue Richter and what you need to do in order to save Greta.

Black Ops Cold War | Rescue or Kill Lukas Richter

Black Ops Cold War - Rescue or Kill Lukas Richter

The Brick in the Wall mission sees you heading over to Berlin. There you’ll meet up with agent Greta Keller, who is concerned over the capture of her informant Lukas Richter. Richter knows valuable intel that cannot be turned over to the enemy, meaning you must either rescue him before he drops the dime or kill him yourself.

Eventually, you’ll wind up in Richter’s basement holding cell. Take out the guards, then collect the dossier sitting on the table next to the communications equipment. This piece of intel will open up new dialog options revealing that Richter may be trying to play both sides. Listen to what he has to say for himself, then either decide to kill him or set him free.

If you choose to rescue Richter, you’ll simply set him free. He’ll offer his thanks before he heads off on his way. However, you’ll later learn of his betrayal. Alternatively, if you choose to kill Richter, you can simply put a bullet between his eyes and be done with it.

Brick in the Wall | Can you save Greta Keller?

Black Ops Cold War Brick in the Wall - How to save Greta

Regardless of which option you choose in the basement, both you and Greta will be captured by KGB forces. What you say in the interrogation with Volkov determines whether Greta lives or dies.

This scene can play out a few different ways. If you chose to rescue Richter, he’ll rat out Greta to the KGB. His betrayal will be obvious when he’s present during the interrogation. If you chose to kill him, he obviously won’t be around to gloat about it later.

At this point Greta’s life is in your hands. Volkov mentions that Perseus has a bounty on your head. If you tell him to go f**k himself, he’ll have his lackey kill Greta. However, if you choose to engage in more civil dialog, Greta will live.

In order to save Greta, you must choose either of these dialog options:

  • I’ve been sent to eliminate you. You’re smuggling nukes, I saw the photos.
  • How long have you worked for Perseus? Killing me gives you no room to negotiate with my friends.

As long as you don’t curse out Volkov, Greta will survive long enough for your comrades to set you both free.