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Black Ops Cold War MP5 nerf | Best MP5 alternatives

SMGs are a very popular weapon class in Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War, and for good reason. Not only are they great for hip-firing, but they’re solid all-rounders at short- to mid-ranges. However, the recent MP5 nerf has left many SMG fans without a solid go-to. Luckily, there’s one very good MP5 alternative to help fill the void in your battle strategy.

Black Ops Cold War | What is the MP5 nerf?

Black Ops Cold War - What is the MP5 nerf?

When Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War first released, players quickly realized the MP5 was powerful. Perhaps too powerful, according to comments posted on social media. As a response, the developers at Treyarch released an MP5 nerf via patch in the hopes of reeling in its power.

The MP5 nerf notably reduced its damage range by 33 percent. The patch also adjusted the weapon’s initial recoil, which reduces its effectiveness when firing first begins. Together, the two changes have drastically reduced the SMG’s utility in mid-range firefights.

As such, a lot of players are left without a go-to mid-range weapon. Fortunately, Black Ops Cold War has plenty of good MP5 alternatives to try out.

Best MP5 alternatives in Black Ops Cold War

Best MP5 alternative in Black Ops Cold War

There are currently five different SMGs in Black Ops Cold War. Excluding the MP5, that leaves the AK-47u, KSP 45, Milano 821, and the Bullfrog. In terms of statistics, the AK-47u is the best MP5 alternative.

While each of these weapons is good in its own right, the AK-47u has the closest damage, speed, accuracy, and recoil numbers when compared to the MP5. In fact, it’s stats are so similar that the AK-47u has practically identical movement speed, sprint-to-fire time, hip-fire accuracy, and effective damage range — and that’s with consideration to the recent MP5 nerf.

Of course, the shorty AK has some other advantages. It does more damage, has a higher bullet velocity, deals more damage to vehicles, and takes less time to reload. However, it has slightly higher overall recoil, a lower shooting move speed, and has a higher aim down sight time.

Pound-for-pound, dollar-for-dollar, the AK-74u is the best MP5 alternative. Players who once relied on the MP5 should feel right at home with the 47u. The only real catch is that you won’t unlock it until you reach level 19. Until then, the Milano 821 should do — just be prepared for an increase in overall recoil.