Can you see Twitter Fleets on desktop?

Twitter recently released Fleets, its Snapchat or Instagram Stories-like feature that only shows posts for 24 hours before disappearing forever. But this new feature isn’t for everyone as it has got people wondering if they can see or send Twitter Fleets on desktop. So can you see Twitter Fleets on desktop?

Are Twitter Fleets on desktop browsers?

Can you see Twitter Fleets on desktop?

Twitter Fleets are currently only visible on supported mobile devices like Android and iOS. The little circles that show Fleets from followed accounts are not anywhere to be found on PC through the browser. There is also currently no option to add tweets to Fleets on the desktop app or mobile browser. It is also not possible to make Fleets on the desktop apps or web browsers either. Fleets, for all intents and purposes, are locked to mobile devices for the time being.

Are Twitter Fleets coming to desktop?

Twitter has not disclosed whether or not Fleets are ever coming to desktop browsers somewhere down the line after launch. But given its competition, it might make the jump to other areas one day. Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories are both visible on desktop devices. Snapchat, however, is not useable on desktop. Given how Twitter is more like the former two social media giants and has more utility than the latter, it is more likely that Twitter will expand Fleets to devices other than Android and iOS devices and, presumably, computers.

And since there is not even a projection on if that might happen, there is no date on when it could. It took Fleets a bit to launch in the first place as the company started rolling out the feature in countries like Brazil, Italy, India, and South Korea earlier this year before fully launching in other territories. It may take at least a few more months to get Fleets on desktops.