Box art - Immortals Fenyx Rising

Immortals Fenyx Rising Multiplayer | Does it have co-op?

Ubisoft is known for both its single-player and online modes so it is worth wondering if there is an Immortals Fenyx Rising multiplayer mode. Even Ubisoft’s more solo-focused games, like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, have some sort of online connectivity. So is there a Immortals Fenyx Rising co-op or multiplayer mode?

Does Immortals Fenyx Rising have co-op?

There is no Immortals Fenyx Rising co-op mode of any kind. Players have to tackle all of the game’s challenges by themselves with no backup from a friend. Ubisoft has not hinted at co-op coming in a future update and the game’s season pass does not have any co-op drops either.

Does Immortals Fenyx Rising have multiplayer?

Immortals Fenyx Rising has some online touches sprinkled in but it does not have online (or offline) multiplayer. Connecting online does give players access to some daily quests and the store so this is not a completely offline experience. The store updates at set intervals and sells players new gear and items. Most of these are silly or gaudy cosmetics that Ubisoft usually has in its games. This is also where the game’s microtransactions come into play.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Multiplayer | Does it have co-op?

There is also another in-game store as Hermes also has his own shop in the Hall of the Gods in the Valley of Eternal Spring. This gear is purchased using elektrum. Players can earn elektrum by doing live tasks for Hermes.

His task board is near the gear upgrade station and health upgrade station. These tasks require an online connection and cycle in and out every few hours or days, depending on the task and when they are completed. They can be different missions like killing certain enemies, picking certain mushrooms, or even finishing races. Again, while not multiplayer, the shops do utilize an online connection and add to the game.