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Immortals Fenyx Rising | How to get elektrum

Elektrum is one of the more peculiar elements of Immortals Fenyx Rising as it isn’t like Zeus’ Lightning, the Coins of Charon, or any of the other currencies in the game. This can only be gotten a certain way, which may be quite puzzling for some. Here’s how to get elektrum in Immortals.

How to earn elektrum in Immortals Fenyx Rising

To get elektrum in Immortals, players have to do live tasks for Hermes in the Hall of the Gods in the Valley of Eternal Spring. After getting situated in that godly palace away from Typhon’s gaze, Hermes will show the player a board with two columns. The one on the left is full of basic tasks and those can earn all of the other in-game currencies like ambrosia and Coins of Charon. The one on the right under the live tasks header is what doles out elektrum.

These are, as the name says, live, meaning that they cycle in and out and require an internet connection. Players can’t do these offline. These challenges rotate in and out every few hours or days, depending on when they are completed. They contain a variety of different missions like killing specific enemies, gather materials, doing races, or completing vaults with certain limitations.

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All of them dole out only a small amount of elektrum but some, like the restrictive vault ones, give out tiered amounts of elektrum based on how well that task is done. These tasks have to be accepted first and then the icon will show up on the map, as seen in the above picture. Once they are completed, players have to go back to Hermes’ board and turn them in for their reward.

Elektrum can only be earned through these tasks and spent in Hermes’ constantly cycling store. Items in the store can be pricey but yield special gear and cosmetics.