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Immortals Fenyx Rising | How to get Coins of Charon

Coins of Charon in Immortals Fenyx Rising act like skill points in this RPG. Players can earn them and cash them in to get new skill or upgrades to the ones they already have. But it can be a little confusing to know where to get them. Here’s how to get Coins of Charon in Immortals Fenyx Rising.

How to find Coins of Charon in Immortals Fenyx Rising

Immortals Fenyx Rising | How to get Coins of Charon

Completing myth challenges

Immortals Fenyx Rising | How to get Coins of Charon

To get Coins of Charon in Immortals Fenyx Rising, players have to complete any of the game’s myth challenges. The myth challenges are:

  • Navigation challenges
  • Odysseus archery challenges
  • Fresco block puzzles
  • Constellation puzzles
  • Lyre puzzles

These are all marked on the map once they’ve been tagged with far sight (press and hold in the right stick). All of these icons are at least a little bit yellow. Lyre puzzles are the big and small harps. The small harps give the code to play on the big harps. Players can just look up the codes if they want as they don’t need to be unlocked beforehand.

Fresco challenges are the block-shifting puzzles that have four squares that have to be assembled in the right order. They usually are a still from a famous Greek myth. While they can be quite difficult, a good strategy would be to isolate the top left or bottom right piece in the space just next to where they will be. This will give some space to move the other pieces into position.

Constellation puzzles are the biggest of the puzzle variants and are the ones with the little blue orbs. Smaller puzzles release these little balls and they must be assembled in the indentations near the constellation map. These usually yield a fair amount of Coins of Charon so they are good to go after.

Navigation challenges are the winged shoe icon on the map. These are merely races and are almost always pretty easy, granted Fenyx has a decent amount of stamina or a couple of blue potions.

Archery challenges are the bow and arrow icon on the map. Fenyx has to stand on the platform and shoot an arrow through some axe handles and light the torch at the end. These are usually quite simple as well and therefore fewer coins.

Doing Hermes’ tasks

charon coins

Hermes’ can also give away Coins of Charon if the player completes some of his tasks on the board in the Hall of the Gods. Not all of the yield coins, but a few of them do and those quest will say so on the board. These are not the ones that yield elektrum.

Looting certain chests

Lyre puzzles

While not in many chests, some do contain Coins of Charon. These chests are usually in the god vaults, the big vaults in each story arc. Make sure to use far sight to spot them (hold in the right stick) and look for the gold beam in the sky.