PS5 Error Code CE-106485-4 ‘Something Went Wrong’ | How to fix broken copying

The PS5 is finally out across the world, but some early adopters are falling foul of technical issues. Users attempting to copy physical game discs onto the internal SSD are receiving a PlayStation 5 system error message. This unnerving pop-up includes PS5 Error Code CE-106485-4 alongside the text “Something went wrong.” Naturally, gamers are seeking an easy PlayStation 5 CE-106485-4 fix. Here’s the lowdown on how to copy physical versions of games.

PS5 Error Code CE-106485-4 | Can’t copy physical game disc fix

PS5 Error Code CE-106485-4

PS5 owners that prefer physical media over digital downloads are running into the CE-106485-4 PS5 system error. PlayStation 5 consoles can stubbornly refuse to copy necessary data from game discs. Sometimes the copying process won’t start and immediately throws up the error, while others the copy will progress or even finish before the “Something went wrong” text appears. Even if copying completes, however, removing the disc will delete all associated data from the PS5 console.

To fix PS5 Error Code CE-106485-4, do not manually press the “Copy” button after inserting a game disc. Instead, wait for the PlayStation 5 console to automatically begin the copying process. If it doesn’t automatically trigger, restart the PS5 with the disc still in its drive. Once the console has fully rebooted, the game should immediately begin copying.

How to fix PS5 Error Code CE-106485-4

  1. Insert the game disc.
  2. Do not press the “Copy” button.
  3. After waiting for a little while, the copying process should begin automatically.
  4. If it doesn’t, press the PlayStation button on the DualSense controller.
  5. Navigate to “Power,” then select the “Restart PS5” option.
  6. Once the system reboots, the game should immediately begin copying.

It’s a strange solution, but it works. Hopefully, Sony will release a system update to address the PS5 broken physical game copying issue in the future. Until then, keep well away from the manual “Copy” button on the home screen.

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