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Black Ops Cold War Old Maps | Firing Range, Summit, Jungle release date

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War already has some great maps, many of which adopt the Treyarch three-lane way of design. However, some longtime fans of Black Ops games are no doubt missing the tried-and-tested battlegrounds of Firing Range, Summit, and Jungle. These maps were featured in the original Black Ops title, but have since been remade for the sequels. Here’s the need-to-know about the Black Ops Cold War old maps release date.

Is Black Ops Cold War getting old maps?

black ops cold war old maps

Making appearances in other Black Ops games, it wouldn’t be too surprising to see Firing Range, Jungle, and Summit all be added to Black Ops Cold War. The game has already reintroduced Nuketown, so it’s possible for other old maps to follow.

Yes, old maps are coming to Black Ops Cold War. This starts with Nuketown and will likely lead to Firing Range, Jungle, and Summit being added.

Reputable Call of Duty leaker Tom Henderson responded to someone asking “Are Jungle, Summit, and Firing Range still coming to Cold War in the future?”

Henderson responded with: “Yup. Black Ops Cold War multiplayer has the most amount of post-launch content in any CoD. There’s a lot in the pipeline this year.”

Of course, players will need to wait for official confirmation from developer Treyarch Studios. Hopefully an announcement will be made sooner rather than later, so that players can start getting hyped for some nostalgic old maps!

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The Game Revolution Black Ops Cold War review praised the game for the “especially satisfying gunplay,” “in-depth weapon customization,” and “fantastic zombies map.”