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Phasmophobia patch notes | November 28 2020 update

Phasmophobia is still in early access, which means fresh changes are coming at set intervals. The latest update has landed today, November 28, 2020, for PC players via Steam. The November 28 update is only a small one, but includes a few bug fixes as well as the new Prison level. Keep reading to find out what’s featured in the latest Phasmophobia patch notes.

Phasmophobia update patch notes | November 28, 2020

Phasmophobia update patch notes - November 28, 2020

The biggest details featured in the November 28 Phasmophobia patch notes center around the new Prison level. Players have been waiting for a new environment for weeks, and it’s finally arrived. The Prison level is slated to be available throughout several following updates, and perhaps even longer.

Of course, since this is a new environment, bugs may be present. The development team asks players to report back if they spot any graphical glitches, particularly when it comes to lighting.

Otherwise, this is a fairly small update. There’s a work-in-progress fix for laggy or juddering movement, which is entertaining if not a bit unexpected. There are also fixes for the lack of door moving sounds as well as random loss of sanity while standing in well-lit areas.

Here’s the full list of Phasmophobia patch notes for the November 28, 2020 update.

New Content

  • Added a new Prison level. This level will always show in the contract selection for the next few updates. This level is also testing out new lighting for the baked light (moon and truck lights) so let me know if there are any graphical glitches.

Bug Fixes

  • Potential fix for laggy movement.
  • Tanglewood: Fixed a bug where taking a photo of the computer monitor counted as evidence.
  • Fixed a bug where VR players could not hear the door moving sounds.
  • Fixed a bug where your sanity would sometimes drop when stood in the light in some areas.

Other Changes

  • Updated localisation.

All in all, the Phasmophobia update for November 28 is mainly centered around the new Prison level. All the rest of the patch notes are dedicated to the usual sorts of bug fixes expected for an early access release.