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Fortnite Join Events | How to get into the Galactus live event

Some players may notice that when loading Fortnite to join the Galactus live event, that there’s not an option to start the game. Fortunately, this is an easy fix, even if it’s not readily apparent how to do this. We’ll show you how to get into the Galactus event below.

How to get into the Galactus event in Fortnite

To join the Nexus War live event in Fortnite, players must launch the game as normal and select Battle Royale. When the menu loads, players will notice that the button used to join the queue is unavailable. Not to worry, though; this is easily rectified.

To join the queue for the huge Galactus event, click “Change” in the lower right corner of the Battle Royale main menu. From here, select “The Devourer of Worlds.” Once this is done, players should see the big yellow “Play!” button that allows them to join the queue for the live event.

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on who’s asked), the Galactus event is the only play mode available in Fortnite right now. So, players literally can’t accidentally miss out as long as they can get into the game.

We don’t know how long the event will last, so joining the event as soon as possible is best. Those who put it off too long likely won’t get to see Galactus again in Fortnite for at least a year if the Thanos event is any indicator.

For now, queues are clear, and there’s no waiting time to get into the game. That may change when the event starts, but Epic Games may have finally conquered the server scaling issues that players have faced in the past.

Now that players know how to join the Galactus event in Fortnite, they should have no issue taking on the cosmic terror. This event marks the end of the season and should be memorable.