Fortnite Gold Bars | What does gold do?

A lot has changed in Fortnite following the recent Galactus event. The world-eater was conquered, as expected, and the rift caused by his demise has merged numerous fictional worlds together. This change has also introduced gold bars, a new form of Fortnite currency. What does gold do, where can you get some, and what can you spend it on? Keep reading to find out.

What does gold do in Fortnite?

What does gold do in Fortnite? Gold bars and Bounties

Gold bars are a new Fortnite currency found as loot on the island or given as a reward from various non-player characters. Gold is tied into new quests, specifically Bounties, which offer gold bars in reward for eliminating players. It can also be used to purchase items from NPCs.

You shouldn’t have any trouble finding gold bars. Stashes of them hidden around the island, same as any old regular loot. In addition, some of the new NPCs around the island will give you quests that offer currency in return. You’ll also be able to find it after taking out other players. Be warned that the inverse is also true: If you’re carrying gold and get killed, your stash will line the other player’s pockets.

When it comes to outright earning currency, Bounties are the big new addition. After taking on a Bounty, you’ll get a lump sum if you’re able to eliminate a specific player, or half the sum if the player is eliminated by other means. You’ll also be awarded bars if you’re able to elude a Bounty placed on your head.

Once you have a few gold bars, you can spend them by speaking with NPCs. Everything upgrades to intel and even exotic weapons can be found for sale. You can even hire certain NPCs as an ally, where they’ll assist you in whatever quest you may undertake.

By itself, gold in Fortnite doesn’t do anything. However, it is found as random loot or offered as a reward for completing Bounties. You can use gold bars to buy new guns, upgrade your current weapons, purchase intel, and more. For more on the latest changes, check out our guide to the Chapter 2 Season 5 Battle Pass rewards as well as the newly-added map locations.