Grim Fandango Remastered PC Cheats

Steam Achievements

"'ARROGANT FRAUD' doesn't work." - Try to guess Domino's password a few times.
" large" - Meet the mechanics.
"...Used to scream like a banshee when the trade winds blew..." - Ask Velasco about his eye patch.
"Come to see how the big boys play, eh Manny?" - Visit with Maximino.
"Consider it an homage." - Have Olivia recite one of your poems.
"Gets the aggressions out, doesn't it?" - Use the hole punch.
"Great news -- we've discovered a new, secret talent of our tiny messengers!" - Catch up on how the pigeons are doing.
"Happy trails, Captain." - See Chepito on his way.
"Here, let me hold that metal detector for you while you cry..." - Listen to Carla's whole story.
"I could walk out out of this world and not look back..." - Hold to your commitments.
"I squeezed down one of these tubes, like a pixie!" - Talk to Brennis about how he got to the machine.
"I wasn't always this color!" - Talk to Chepito about how long he's been down here.
"I'm getting out of here. This world's for suckers." - See Bruno on his way.
"It shone, pale as bone..." - Look at the moon.
"IT'S A BUST-ALL!" - Talk to Chepito about his bartering tactics.
"It's like I'm not happy unless I'm breathing in the thick, black, nauseating fumes..." - Talk to Glottis about cravings.
"Join or Die! Again!" - Receive a message from Eva.
"Lousy bony fingers!" - Get the balloon twister to pop a balloon.
"Manny, we've given up. All of us." - Talk to Membrillo about why he's still here.
"Manuel! Is everything okay?" - Play with the radio.
"ME, ME, ME-ME-ME!" - Chant with the bees.
"Oh Rusty Anchor" - Have Glottis sing you the rusty anchor song.
"Oh, Lola..." - Revisit the place where you left Lola.
"Oh, yeah, I could take you down..." - Try to convince Aitor to take you down to the wine cellar.
"Okay, how much of this haven't you figured out, Calavera?" - Get Domino to explain the racket to you.
"Plus, we look good in these clothes!" - Talk to Glottis about leaving.
"Precisamente, amigo." - Learn of a nefarious plot.
"Run you pigeons! It's Robert Frost!" - Try to intimidate the pigeons.
"Save your breath..." - Try to explain to Meche.
"Scaring the living is technically against the rules, but we all do it." - Scare the living a few times.
"So, sorry, but I don't do... 'odd jobs.'" - Try to convince Verago to help you out.
"Stop showing off for the girl!" - Try to beat Domino in a fair fight.
"THAT'S NOT FUNNY!" - Crack a joke.
"The marrow of these trees, Manny, they suck it out, it's like cement!" - Ask Glottis about the tree farm.
"We are all citizens of the same nation, and our king rides a pale horse." - Try to get a passport from Chowchilla Charlie.
"We only have one mop." - Check your job qualifications with Celso.
"We're straight stingers, you know?" - Talk to the worker bees about playing the game.
"Well, I could do something bad right now if that would help." - Try to dig up some dirt on Meche.
"Well, maybe just a sip..." - Sample the Marillo de Oro.
"What I did back in the fat days is none of your business. You know the rules." - Talk to Eva about how she got stuck here.
"YOU'RE NOT EVEN LISTENING TO ME!!!" - Ask Lupe about her organizational system.
*sniff* *sniff* - Make the angelitos cry.
The Right Way - Play the whole game with tank controls. Tim demanded this achievement.
Year 1 - Spend a year in the Eighth Underworld.
Year 2 - Spend two years in the Eighth Underworld.
Year 3 - Spend three years in the Eighth Underwold.
Year 4 - Spend four years in the Eighth Underworld.