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Pokemon Go | How to get Mega Energy fast

The faster players gather Mega Energy in Pokemon Go, the quicker they can Mega Evolve their Pokemon. Getting Mega Energy quickly is vital because Mega Evolved Pokemon can be a massive help in events like Mega Raids. However, there is a limited amount of ways players can gather Mega Energy in Pokemon Go, which makes farming it tough.

How to quickly gather Mega Energy in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Mega Energy

Mega Evolution works differently in Pokemon Go than it does in the main Pokemon series. Pokemon in Pokemon Go don’t need to hold a Mega Stone, and players don’t need to seek out a Mega Bracelet. Instead, Mega Energy is used similarly to candy.

Mega Energy can be earned from competing in Mega Raids. The quicker a player finishes the raid, the more Mega Energy they’ll get. Some Special Research rewards can also contain Mega Energy, but it’s not a very reliable method of obtaining it.

The best way to get Mega Energy fast in Pokemon Go is to Mega Evolve your Pokemon and partake in Mega Raids. Players will always get more Mega Energy from the raid than it took to Mega Evolve their Pokemon.

One thing to note, like candy, Mega Energy is Pokemon-specific in Pokemon Go. So, it can be a pain to get the amount a player needs to Mega Evolve. However, the Mega Energy needed to Mega Evolve a Pokemon decreases each time.

Knowing when to trigger a Mega Evolution is also important. Obviously, they’re useful during Mega Raids, but players can also use them in other types of raids, gyms, Team Go Rocket battles, and friend battles. The only two activities players can’t use Mega Evolutions in are defending Gyms and the Go Battle League.

Niantic will continue to refine the Mega Evolution system as time goes on. Adjustments have already been made over the last few months to make it more accessible, and players can expect more Pokemon to get Mega Evolution forms as time goes on.