Xbox Series X|S headset adapter not working fix

Microsoft’s new Xbox Series X|S consoles have earned praise for their level of compatibility. The next-gen machines support all previous generations of Xbox games, plus all Xbox One peripherals. Well, almost all Xbox One peripherals, as some users with third-party headset adapters are finding out. With gaming headset adapters from manufacturers like Turtle Beach, Astro, and SteelSeries not functioning properly on Xbox Series X|S, is there a solution? Here’s the need-to-know on an Xbox Series X|S headset adapter not working fix.

How to fix Xbox Series X|S headset adapter not working

Xbox Series X|S headset adapter not working

Official Microsoft products have made the generational leap without issue, but third-party headset adapters aren’t faring quite so well. Headset adapters from leading manufacturers aren’t working properly on Xbox Series X|S, leaving players unable to adjust the game and chat audio mix. That’s hardly ideal, but fortunately, there are some handy workarounds.

Microsoft is aware that headset adapters aren’t working correctly on Xbox Series X|S and investigating the issue. In the meantime, plugging a headset directly into the controller will allow users to adjust the game/chat audio levels. Simply navigating to Guide > Audio allows for both settings to be customized. The headset adapter problem relates specifically to the new Xbox controller, so using an old Xbox One gamepad on Xbox Series X|S will also resolve the issue.

How to adjust headset game and chat audio on Xbox Series X|S

  1. Boot up the Xbox Series X|S console.
  2. Connect the headset directly to the controller.
  3. Press the Xbox button, then navigate to the bottom right and select the “Audio & music” option.
  4. Adjust the “Headset volume” slider to change the master audio level.
  5. Slide the “Headset chat mixer” left to favor game audio, or right to favor chat audio.
  6. Additionally, moving the “Mic monitoring” slider will change the outgoing voice volume.

Since it’s been confirmed that the “proper teams” are aware of and investigating the Xbox Series X|S headset adapter bug, hopefully, there won’t be too long to wait until a system update officially addresses the issue.

Until then, here’s how to solve the 0x800708ca Xbox Series X|S system error. There are also issues with playing Xbox 360 games and titles not appearing on the “My games & apps” screen, but thankfully, there are easy fixes at the relevant links.