PS5 Error Code WS-37398-0 | Can’t connect to PSN fix

It’s hard to enjoy your PlayStation 5 when you keep getting kicked offline. One of the problems being faced by players is the PS5 WS-37398-0 error code. This code will appear when the console can’t connect to the PlayStation Network. Here’s what you need to do to fix WS-37398-0 and get back online.

How to fix PS5 error code WS-37398-0

How to fix PS5 error code WS-37398-0

The PS5 error code WS-37398-0 usually appears during PlayStation Network server outages. That’s why you aren’t able to sign in and can’t connect to PSN — the servers are down. Error code WS-37398-0 will also affect PS4 players during times of server outages.

Odd it as may sound, the news here is good: There’s nothing you need to do to fix error code WS-37398-0. The only solution to the problem is to wait until the PSN servers are back up and running. The same is true for the related WS-37403-7 error code — you’ll simply have to wait it out.

Fortunately, Sony has made it easy to figure out whether or not PlayStation services are down. The PlayStation Network server status page will let you know if there are any problems being experienced across all of the PlayStation Network, from the Store to PS Now and beyond. You can also find updates over on DownDetector, which will have the latest reports on the server status from users themselves. If there’s a spike in reports, you can rest assured that you’re not the only one being affected.

Once the servers are back online, error code WS-37398-0 will resolve itself. You’ll be able to sign back in to the PlayStation Network and jump right back into games. Until then, the only way to fix the problem is to wait for Sony to fix the problem. While you wait, we recommend checking out the latest game reviews right here on Game Revolution.