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Genshin Impact | How to get Vajrada Amethyst Fragment

There are so many materials to collect in Genshin Impact that it’s hard to keep track of them all. One of the game’s rarer materials is the Vajrada Amethyst Fragment. This is a Character Ascension Material needed to ascend several of the game’s biggest hitters. Naturally, to make the most of their skills, you’re going to need to know how to get Vajrada Amethyst Fragments.

How to get Vajrada Amethyst Fragment in Genshin Impact

How to get Vajrada Amethyst Fragment in Genshin Impact

Vajrada Amethyst Fragments in Genshin Impact can be obtained through combat or crafting. You can get these fragments after defeating either level 40 Electro Hypostasis or the dragon known as Dvalin the Stormterror. Alternatively, you can craft them using Vajrada Amethyst Slivers.

Depending on where you are in the main campaign, fighting Electro Hypostasis is probably the best bet. These are encountered in Mondstadt, in the area due south of Cape Oath. They must be at least level 40 to drop the fragments; otherwise they’ll only drop slivers. Also, be aware that you’ll need to consume 40 Original Resin in order to claim the Electro Hypostatis’ loot.

Otherwise, you can take on the fearsome dragon known as Dvalin. You’ll fight him as part of the main campaign, in his lair in Mondstadt. You’ll need to spend 60 Original Resin in order to claim his loot.

Finally, you can craft Vajrada Amethyst Fragments by using Vajrada Amethyst Slivers. These are dropped by the aforementioned enemies under level 40, or they can be purchased at the Souvenir Shops in Mondstadt and Liyue Harbor. Three slivers is enough to craft a single fragment.

You’re eventually going to need plenty of Vajrada Amethyst Fragments, as they’re required to perform Ascensions for Beidou, Lisa, and Razor. Slivers will take them as high as level 40, while fragments are used to reach up to level 60. After that, you’ll need chunks, which can be crafted with fragments, and finally gemstones, which can be crafted with chunks.