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Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Rankings Guide

Rankings Guide

One of the ultimate goals in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is to become an A-list celebrity. In order to do so, players need to earn more fans and work their way up in the rankings. Listed below are the various rankings and the required number of fans needed for each new rank.

  • Ranking: 374
  • Required Fans: 0


Get out there, get in magazines, be seen in the right places with the right peopleā€¦ get more fans!

  • Ranking: 373-310
  • Required Fans: 1-5,000


  • Ranking: 309-293
  • Required Fans: 5,000-50,000


  • Ranking: 292-253
  • Required Fans: 50,000-500,000


But there are still lots of people more famous than you, and that one guy you met that time that didn't know who you were. Unacceptable.

  • Ranking: 252-206
  • Required Fans: 500,000-5 Mil


You've made it! But don't stop now, there are still tons more would be fans out there. Share the news with your friends on Facebook or Twitter!

  • Ranking: 205-1
  • Required Fans: 5 Mil+