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Black Ops Cold War | How to unlock finishing moves

It’s not clear how to unlock more finishing moves in Black Ops Cold War. While the new Call of Duty game allows players to hold the melee button to execute enemy players from behind, there is only the “Sneak Attack” finisher available when users first start the game. Here’s how to unlock and buy more.

How to unlock finishing moves in Black Ops Cold War

Black Ops Cold War Finishing moves

To unlock more finishing moves in Black Ops Cold War, players will have to unlock them through the Battle Pass or purchase them directly through the Store.

That is assuming Black Ops Cold War uses the same method as Modern Warfare for adding new finishers to the game. With MW seeing a lot of success from its monetization method, it’s likely that BOCW will use the same tactic.

Modern Warfare also included new finishing moves with paid-for characters. Each character has their own unique finisher. Perhaps that is also something that the new CoD will implement.

Of course, it’s possible that new free finishing moves will be added to Black Ops Cold War in updates or for certain events. Players will have to wait and see.

Treyarch Studios hasn’t yet given official confirmation on how new finishing moves will be added to the game. What’s more, there’s no clear timeframe on when new finishers will be available. For now, all players are limited to using the “Sneak Attack”.

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