Haikyuu To the Top Episode 25 release date and time

The Haikyuu To the Top episode 25 release date and times have now been confirmed for U.S., U.K, and other time zones. The next episode of Haikyuu Season 4 is called “The Promised Land.” Here is when and where to watch Haikyuu To the Top Season 4 Episode 25.

When is the Haikyuu To the Top episode 25 release date?

Haikyuu To the Top Episode 25 release date and time

The Haikyuu To the Top episode 25 release date is December 18, 2020.

Here is the Haikyuu To the Top episode 25 premiere time:

  • 11:45 AM PT
  • 2:45 PM ET
  • 7:45 PM GMT
  • 8:45 PM CET
  • 4:45 AM AEDT (December 19)

Above are the times when the simulcast subbed format will air. Head to Crunchyroll at release time to watch the new Haikyuu Season 4 episode as soon as it airs. Premium subscribers will have priority access. This is the earliest chance to watch it.

If the episode doesn’t appear right away, try giving the page a refresh if using a PC browser, or closing and reloading the app if on a mobile device. It can sometimes take an extra few minutes for a new episode to appear. (Live broadcasts can always be a bit finicky.)

Is there a Haikyuu To the Top Episode 25 English dub release date?

Haikyuu To the Top Episode 25 release date and time

No, there is not a confirmed Haikyuu To the Top episode 25 English dub release date.

At the time of writing, the only way to experience Haikyuu Season 4 is in the subbed format. That is with Japanese voices and English text.

Unfortunately, there aren’t yet any confirmed plans for English voiceover. However, when you consider how popular this anime has become, it does seem like only a matter of time before there’s a dub.

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