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Why is D.Va disabled in Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2020?

The latest patch for Overwatch seems to have introduced a particularly nasty bug. Following the recent update that introduced Winter Wonderland 2020, the developers at Blizzard removed D.Va from the game. As it turns out, she was at the center of a game-breaking new bug. Why was D.Va disabled, and how long will she be unavailable? Here’s what we know so far.

Winter Wonderland 2020 | Why is D.Va unavailable?

Why is D.Va unavailable in Overwatch - Winter Wonderland 2020

The Winter Wonderland 2020 patch for Overwatch resulted in a bug that made D.Va invincible. Specifically, the latest bug stops her from ejecting from the MEKA after running out of health, allowing her to keep fighting while technically dead. The developers have stated that D.Va will be temporarily unavailable until they can find and fix the bug.

First news of the D.Va bug popped up over on the Blizzard forums. Eventually, Community Manager Josh Nash stepped in to say that the team had “identified a critical issue with D.Va.” As a result, she has been made temporarily unavailable in all game modes.

For now, there’s no word on how long D.Va might be disabled. The Winter Wonderland event is only running for a limited time, after all. Having the character be entirely unavailable will not only affect D.Va mains, but the game as a whole. Thankfully, we do at least have word that Blizzard is looking to fix the situation as quickly as possible. Until then, there’s really nothing left to do but wait until a new patch can be issued.

Sorry, folks: The D.Va invincibility bug is the reason why the character is unavailable. She’s supposedly only disabled temporarily, but there’s no telling how long a fix may take. If you’re jonesing to jump back into Winter Wonderland 2020, be sure to keep it tuned to Blizzard’s Twitter feed for the latest news on when she’ll be available once more.