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Destiny 2 Traveler Donut Holes Recipe | How to get ingredients for Dawning 2020

It’s the holidays, and that means The Dawning has returned to Destiny 2. Among the many Dawning Recipes is one for Traveler Donut Holes. These snacks happen to be a favorite of Ikora and will give players a reason to talk to her for once. Read on to find out the ingredients for Traveler Donut Holes in Destiny 2.

How to get ingredients for Traveler Donut Holes for Destiny 2 Dawning 2020

Destiny 2 Dawning Traveler Donut Holes

There are three ingredients players must get to make Traveler Donut Holes for The Dawning 2020 in Destiny 2. Cabal Oil, Flash of Inspiration, and Essence of Dawning must all be acquired to create the recipe. Fortunately, these items aren’t too difficult to find.

The recipe for Traveler Donut Holes in Destiny 2 is:

  • 1 Cabal Oil
  • 1 Flash of Inspiration
  • 1 Essence of Dawning

Cabal Oil Location

Players can probably deduce where to get Cabal Oil from the name of the item alone. This item is dropped by defeated Cabal anywhere in the game. Of course, the RNG chance is low, so players might have to take down quite a few before they get it. An excellent place to farm for Cabal Oil is at Firebase Charon in the EDZ since it’s one of the few remaining locations that contain Cabal in a high concentration.

Flash of Inspiration Location

The Flash of Inspiration is obtained as a random drop from Orbs of Power. As longtime Destiny 2 players know, Orbs of Power (formerly Orbs of Light) are dropped from two things:

  • Killing enemies with Super attacks.
  • Multi-kills with Masterwork weapons.

Just concentrate on generating orbs, and a Flash of Inspiration will eventually drop with one.

Essence of Dawning Location

Players can obtain the Essence of Dawning by completing Eva Levante’s bounties and Heroic Public Events.

Once players obtain the required number of ingredients, they must combine them in Eva’s Holiday Oven. Once they’re slotted into the oven correctly, holding the correct button will mix them to make Traveler Donut Holes.