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Stardew Valley | How to play split-screen local co-op

The latest update to Stardew Valley has finally introduced split-screen local multiplayer. The game’s new local co-op mode works almost entirely as expected, with only one unexpected requirement. Best of all, you can join split-screen co-op on an existing save or when starting up an entirely new game. Here’s how the process works.

How to play Stardew Valley split-screen local co-op

How to play Stardew Valley split-screen local co-op

You can play Stardew Valley split-screen using the “Start local co-op” option from the in-game menu. You’ll need to make sure extra players have their own cabin built on your farm, and they’ll also each need a controller. With all that done, your friends can join split-screen simply by pressing the start button on their controllers.

There are a few caveats worth mentioning. First and foremost, you’re going to need to install Stardew Valley update version 1.5. This is the patch that first introduced split-screen co-op. If you’re running an older version of the game, you’ll have to update your software first.

Beyond that, if you’re looking to join multiplayer with an existing save, you’ll need to make sure you have the appropriate number of cabins on your property. You can have these built by paying a visit to Robin’s shop. If you’re starting a new game, the new advanced option menu will allow you to place extra cabins right from the start.

Otherwise, everything else is a breeze. Multiplayer can be started from the main menu or through the in-game options menu. Split-screen is available, and it works basically the same as online multiplayer. You can share the same screen, too — just be sure to adjust the zoom level from the in-game settings menu.

It couldn’t be much easier to play Stardew Valley split-screen. The main requirement is that you’ll need a cabin on your farm and a controller for each player. Otherwise, local co-op is just a button press away.