Twitch Drops ‘Error occurred drop was not claimed’ fix

Twitch Drops are bonus items that users receive for watching certain livestreams. These can be early access keys to games, exclusive in-game items, or other digital unlocks. It’s an additional layer of interactivity that usually rewards players for being eager about the latest video game titles, but the drops don’t always work as planned due to errors. Here’s how to fix the Twitch Drops “Error occurred drop was not claimed” message.

How to fix the Twitch Drops “Error occurred drop was not claimed” message

Twitch Drops 'Error occurred drop was not claimed' fix

To fix the Twitch Drops “Error occurred drop was not claimed” problem, users will want to:

  • Log out and back into Twitch.
    • Sometimes Twitch can hiccup and logging back into the website can solve it.
  • Ensure necessary game accounts are linked.
    • If the drop is tied to an in-game item, ensure that game account is linked to correct Twitch account.
  • Check to see if the item is limited to new accounts.
    • Some players report that the item only seems to work for new players. Returning players will want to confirm that they should have access to the item.
  • Check the game and Twitch’s social media channels.
    • Any unplanned errors are likely to be reported on social media. Try checking the relevant Twitter accounts. Twitch Support can be found here.
  • Keep an eye on the stream’s chat.
    • Users having similar issues will no doubt bring it up in the chat.

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