Does Signal store user data?

Mobile messaging app Signal has exploded in popularity recently. Many believe that it’s a great alternative to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, but is the application secure? Does Signal store user data? Here’s the need-to-know on the security of this emerging iOS and Android application.

Does Signal keep private data on users?

does Signal store user data?

People are leaving WhatsApp for Signal in their droves right now. A controversial WhatsApp privacy policy update was the catalyst, though the recent infectious hack didn’t do much to help the situation either. Rather than making the jump immediately, some more cautious users are wondering if Signal is actually any better. The app’s slogan is “Say ‘hello’ to privacy,” but does that equate to more than just marketing prattle?

The Signal app for iOS and Android does not store any user data. Signal user accounts do not retain private data, unlike equivalent services including iMessage, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. Signal is open source and boasts added security attributes over its closest competitors. Messages feature end-to-end encryption and, after a specific timeframe, can delete themselves (if desired).

The official Signal Twitter account recently shared a graph to help illustrate that it doesn’t store data on its users:

As seen above, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp know and store a potentially troubling amount of private information. The revelation has prompted many users to jump ship, as was encouraged by Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Due to the sudden surge in popularity, some new users have experienced delays in joining Signal. Things should be getting back to normal now, according to the app, though verification code delays aren’t any cause for concern if they do still occur. It’s a minor inconvenience to endure for those with WhatsApp and FB Messenger security concerns.

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