SUP3R5 PS2-themed Black PS5 | Price and availability

Ever since the PS5 was first revealed, a certain subsection of fans have wanted a black version of the console. After all, starting with the PS2, every iteration so far has been offered in black. As it turns out, that request has been granted thanks to the folks at Super 5 (or SUP3R5, as the company brands itself). The company has unveiled a PS2-themed PS5 with a smooth black color scheme. Here’s more information about this limited-edition black PS5 including its price and availability.

SUP3R5 PS2-themed PS5 | Price, stock, and availability

SUP3R5 PS2-themed PS5 - Price, stock, and availability

The PS2-themed PS5 from SUP3R5 is currently unavailable for purchase. The company’s black PS5 units sold out shortly after the option to order first went live. It’s unknown whether or not more stock will become available in time.

In case you hadn’t heard, the SUP3R5 black PS5 is not an officially endorsed Sony product. In fact, the website for the PS2-themed PS5 states that the modifications to the DualSense controller void its warranty. Luckily, even though the PS5 itself has custom black face plates, replacing the outer shell does not void the system warranty.

Still, what a design it is. Aside from the black color scheme, the SUP3R5 design swaps the DualSense buttons for dark-tinted ones, then applies a PS2-inspired PlayStation button in the middle. A similar design is on the front of the PS5, though it’s not clear if that emblem actually rotates. Rounding out the package is a colorized PS logo on the face plate as well as a small plate indicating its batch number.

Because this isn’t a Sony-sanctioned product, it’s not subject to the same pricing and availability as the standard PS5. As such, more stock may become available after (or if) the company secures another batch of consoles. Still, in order to get one, buyers will have to fork out $749 for the digital version or $849 for the disc-based system.

If you want a black PS5, the SUP3R5’s PS2-themed PlayStation 5 is the best option around. Unfortunately, it’s subjected to limited availability. To check on current stock, be sure to stop by the retro-inspired PS5 store listing on the SUP3R5 website.