Nintendo Switch Won’t Read Cartridge | ‘Insert the game card’ error fix

The Nintendo Switch is an immensely successful platform. However, widespread popularity doesn’t mean that the hybrid console is without its problems. When inserting physical game cards, some users find that their console doesn’t recognize them. Of course, that leaves those affected seeking a Nintendo Switch won’t read cartridge fix. So, here’s a solution to the “insert the game card” error message.

What is the Nintendo Switch won’t read cartridge fix?

Nintendo Switch won't read cartridge

There’s nothing worse than settling down and attempting to boot up a game on Nintendo Switch, only to see a troublesome error message appear. When selecting a piece of software from the home screen, it’s possible to get the “insert the game card” system pop-up for a variety of reasons. The causes range from having easy fixes to less simple solutions, so hopefully, most players fall into the former camp.

How to fix the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite unreadable cartridge bug

  1. Check that the correct game card is in the system.
  2. Make sure to select the matching software from the home screen.
  3. Remove the cartridge and spray the metal pins on the back with compressed air.
  4. Spray compressed air into the Nintendo Switch console’s game card slot.
    • Note: Do not blow on the game cartridge or Nintendo Switch system, as the moisture in peoples’ breath can cause damage.
  5. Still no luck? Contact Nintendo Support for a repair.

Although it might be possible to open up the console and carry out hardware repairs from home, anybody without proper experience should not attempt to do so. The process will void the console’s warranty and could cause irreparable damage. While it might be inconvenient, sending the console away for a professional Nintendo Switch card slot repair is the best solution.

Hopefully, however, it won’t come to that. When we encountered this issue, simply removing and reinserting the Nintendo Switch game cart was enough to fix the cartridge reading glitch.

Several leaks suggest that the next Nintendo Direct has big things in store. Until then — even if the card slot won’t read physical games — users can enjoy the digital Monster Hunter Rise demo (provided they aren’t too popular) and also check out Super Meat Boy Forever.