Is the Samsung Robot Butler real?

The 2021 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) saw a lot of impressive new tech announced, but the Samsung Robot Butler might be the most exciting of all. Problem is, a lot of people don’t know whether to take it at face value. It’s so outlandish that most seem to be questioning whether it’s legit or a hoax. So, is the Samsung Robot Butler real? Here’s the need-to-know on the Samsung Bot Care and Samsung Bot Handy following their CES 2021 reveal.

Is Samsung really making a Robot Butler?

Is the Samsung Robot Butler real?

Robot butlers have been a science fiction pipedream for decades. Most people wouldn’t say no to a nonsentient housekeeper to share their chores with, but up until now it just hasn’t been realistic.

Samsung’s Robot Butler is real. The tech giant is currently developing two models — Samsung Bot Care and Samsung Bot Handy. Bot Care is a “robotic assistant and companion,” while Bot Handy (true to its name) adopts a more hands-on approach around the home. Utilizing a long robotic arm, the Samsung Bot Handy can clean dishes, wash clothes, pour wine, and more.

Is there a Samsung Robot Butler release date and price?

Is the Samsung Robot Butler real?

Both of the Samsung Robot Butlers are still in development. As a result, there’s no Samsung Bot Care and Samsung Bot Handy price or release date at the moment.

If the robotic butlers do come to market — there’s no guarantee, as plenty of technology showcased at CES has never received a commercial release — they’ll most likely cost a pretty penny. It’s almost impossible to make an accurate estimate without any equivalent competition, but it wouldn’t be surprising if neither model was easily affordable for the average consumer.

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