Fortnite 3.00 is a significant patch number for a minor update

The Fortnite 3.00 update patch notes have been revealed and, to be honest, they aren’t as significant as users might be expecting from such a glamorous version number. X.00 is often reserved for game-changing updates that make a vast number of improvements to a title, but with Fortnite it’s just a number. Ever since its release, updates have gone up in X.X1 increments. Now we happen to be at 3.00. Anyway, here are the Fortnite 3.00 patch notes.

Fortnite 3.00 Update Patch Notes

Fortnite 3.00 Update Patch Notes

Version 3.00

  • Maintenance Patch to address stability issues across PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

As detailed in a Twitter thread posted by the official @FortniteStatus account, the 3.00 update was deployed after reports of crashing and stability issues impacting PC players revealed problems also appearing on PS4 and Xbox One platforms.

It took over 20 hours for the maintenance patch to be fully rolled out since @FortniteStatus first acknowledged the issues, but it’s now ready for PC, PS4, and Xbox One players to download and install. Users will be prompted to download the patch at the end of the next match or when launching the game. On the bright side, this maintenance update does not require any downtime, meaning all players can continue playing uninterrupted.

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