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Phasmophobia Patch Notes | January 14, 2021 Update

The new Phasmophobia patch notes for January 14, 2021 are pretty apt for an Early Access game. This means they have a few bug fixes as well as some actual changes, which was also the case for last week’s update. Some of these changes sound weird out of context, especially “removed the dirty water objective.” Regardless, here’s what’s in the newest Phasmophobia update.

Phasmophobia Update Patch Notes | Bug fixes and changes

Phasmophobia Patch Notes | January 14, 2021 Update

As is always the case, there are a few bug fixes here and there. There are only four listed ones including a couple lighting bugs, some glitched cabinet doors, and a missing skybox from the main menu.

But there are also a few balance changes. Ghosts will now searching the player’s last known location, which should keep it from looking around far from the players. They’ll also have an easier time opening doors and lockers and will be able to open them from farther away.

Equipping the candle can now happen from farther away as well. And the “dirty water objective” has been removed but it still can be extra photo evidence. The Thermometer has also been changed as it will update every five seconds and will have more temperature variations. Players can now add the max amount of an item to their inventory without having to repeatedly click to pick something up. Some of the patch notes are a litte

Full Phasmophobia update patch notes


  1. School and Prison: Fixed several lighting and performance issues with the last update.
  2. Tanglewood: Fixed some kitchen cabinet doors that you could still use to glitch on top of the counter.
  3. Fixed a bug where lights would flicker when the power was off.
  4. Main Menu: Fixed the missing skybox.


  1. The ghost will now search closer to the last know player’s location instead of searching far away when it has completely lost the player.
  2. Improved how the ghost opens closet and locker doors.
  3. The ghost will now open closet and locker doors slightly further.
  4. Slightly increased the range of the equipment candle light. This will also fix issues where holding a candle would drop your sanity in some locations.
  5. Removed the dirty water objective.
  6. Lowered the rate the Thermometer updates its temperature from three seconds to five seconds.
  7. Increased the temperature variations that show on the Thermometer.
  8. The Ouija board will no longer flicker lights when it fails to answer if the power is off.
  9. Reverted the Candles brightness back to previous brightness as it was a lot brighter than intended. All Candles brightness at a distance has also been reduced.


  1. Added a button to add the max amount of each item so you don’t have to spam click each item.