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What is Escape from Tarkov Prime?

Many internet-based games develop their own languages and jokes, and the same is true for Escape from Tarkov. In fact, players dropping into Battlestate Games’ survival experience may have heard murmurs about mysterious Tarkov Prime rewards. These exclusive bonuses seem to appear in the least likely of scenarios. So what is Tarkov Prime? And how can you take advantage of its benefits?

Escape from Tarkov | What is Tarkov Prime?

Escape from Tarkov - What is Tarkov Prime?

Tarkov Prime is an imaginary premium subscription service offering various Escape from Tarkov rewards. It’s often given as the reason players find rare guns, get crazy kills, or dodge an otherwise guaranteed death. Tarkov Prime is also cited as a way to avoid bugs, crashing, or server wipes, especially for streamers.

Of course, none of those benefits are real. Tarkov Prime is nothing more than a joke. It doesn’t actually exist except in the minds of players who keep the joke alive. Battlestate Games does not offer any paid subscription service that provides in-game boosts. There’s no higher tier of players that are granted access to better weapons and armor, nor is there a shift in code that gives some players a favorable edge in fights.

In other words, Tarkov Prime is really just a way to express excitement over a fortuitous outcome. Or, alternatively, it’s a simple excuse as to why a lesser-skilled player managed to take you down. Got a random kill only to find a rare and powerful weapon? You’ve got Prime to thank. Enemy manage to nade you from an impossible distance? They must have Tarkov Prime.

No matter how often you hear it referenced, Tarkov Prime is not real. It may be nice to imagine that Escape from Tarkov players can pay for extra benefits or rewards, but that is simply not the case. Still, the next time you get an unbelievable frag or find valuable gear, you may be asked how long you’ve been a Tarkov Prime subscriber.