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When is the Next Escape from Tarkov Wipe? Date, schedule, and time

The next Escape from Tarkov wipe will now be some time away after the multiplayer FPS recently received its latest wipe as part of its 12.9 update. But when exactly will the next wipe take place? Will players see the game’s database wiped sooner rather than later, or will they be able to continue on safe in the knowledge that their progress won’t suddenly be deleted?

Next Escape from Tarkov Wipe date

escape from tarkov wipe schedule

The next Escape from Tarkov wipe date will take place during the launch of its 13.0 update, which is set to launch in 2021.

Developer Battlestate Games had previously scheduled the launch of this update for last year, though due to difficulties faced by the studio (and everyone else) in 2020, it was delayed into 2021. In a livestream discussing the state of the game, Battlestate’s Nikita Buyanow revealed that a wipe would coincide with the release of the 13.0 update. As this update has been delayed, the wipe has followed suit.

Given that the 12.9 update launched in December, Battlestate is unlikely to swiftly follow this up with a fresh batch of content. Wiping players’ progress in the very near future would do more harm than good, so expect the 13.0 update to launch in Q2, 2021 at the earliest.

When is the wipe schedule?

Escape from Tarkov‘s wipe schedule roughly coincides with each major update. Battlestate typically rolls out a new wipe when a big batch of content is released, though doesn’t stick to a particular time or date.

As the studio is a comparatively small team, updates for Escape from Tarkov roll out when they’re ready, rather than being kept to a strict routine.

With each new wipe, existing players lose their progress. This is a point of contention among some veterans, though it makes the otherwise hardcore multiplayer FPS more forgiving for newcomers. Battlestate has also attempted to appeal to newcomers with a limited-time discount for the game, and it may need to lure in new players if 4A Games’ Metro 2033 multiplayer game winds up competing with it.