Signal Disconnected and Message Send Failed Errors | Are servers down?

Signal users are having issues sending messages across the platform. With the large influx of new users, many are wondering whether the Signal servers are down or if the problem is on their end. When users try to send messages, they’re getting a Signal error code 503, along with a notification that “send failed.” Additionally, many are finding they can’t connect to Signal at all.

Are the Signal servers down?

Signal Disconnected Send Failed

Those who are receiving an error code 503 on Signal aren’t alone. Many users are finding their messages are failing to send or that the app can’t connect at all. This is because the Signal servers are down, but there’s a good reason that they are.

New users have been flocking to Signal in droves since WhatsApp’s new privacy policy was revealed. Privacy-conscious users have been moving to Signal, which doesn’t save any private data, and they’ve been bringing their friends and family with them.

With the massive influx of new users, Signal’s servers have gone down. This is why users are experiencing issues with failed messages. The fix for this issue, as well as Signal not connecting, is to simply wait. It’s inconvenient, but it does take time to bring new servers online. Signal is aware of the issue and is taking steps to expand its infrastructure to meet demand.

Signal has been adding servers to meet new demand, but today, the number of new users overwhelmed its projections. In the last few weeks, the app went from a few hundred thousand users to multiple millions. Given that most of this came from word of mouth, as opposed to marketing, it’s not surprising that Signal had a hard time projecting how hard new users would hit its servers.

For those having issues with failed messages or not being able to connect to Signal, the fix is simple. Keep an eye on the official Twitter and try to log in again later.