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Apex Legends Playlist unavailable error fix

Unfortunately for some players, there seem to be times when Apex Legends simply doesn’t want to work right. Among the game’s more puzzling issues is one where it says playlist unavailable. This bug or error prevents players from joining matches, but doesn’t explain why. Here’s what you can do to fix the playlist unavailable error in Apex Legends.

How to fix Apex Legends playlist unavailable error

How to fix Apex Legends playlist unavailable error

The playlist unavailable error seems to affect Apex Legends players entirely at random. For whatever reason, the current playlist can’t be selected or joined. Thankfully, the playlist unavailable problem seems to go away simply by restarting the game.

This is one of those frustrating little bugs that doesn’t really provide any explanation as to why it’s happening. All players know is that the game says playlist unavailable, and they can’t ready up. If this happens to you, here are the solutions you should try:

  1. Close and then restart the game
  2. If the playlist is unavailable while in a party, try leaving and re-joining the party
  3. Finally, completely shut down and restart your PC or game console

It’s worth mentioning that some reports of this error over on the Apex Legends subreddit appeared after the game had been updated. If a patch was released recently, it may be that some kind of unintended bug is causing the playlist to become unavailable. Unfortunately in these cases, the only solution is to wait for the developers at Respawn Entertainment to step in and fix the problem themselves.

When Apex Legends says playlist unavailable, try restarting the game. It’s a quick action that fixes the problem most of the time. Otherwise, you may consider power cycling your PC or console. So long as this isn’t a bug introduced in a recent update, power cycling and restarting the game should do the trick.