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Can Loudred be shiny in Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is packed full of collectible creatures, but all of the most desirable ones are shiny. Naturally, that has players curious about Loudred’s shiny status. So, can Loudred be shiny in Pokemon Go? Here’s the need-to-know for iOS and Android players.

Can you get a shiny Loudred in Pokemon Go?

Can Loudred be shiny in Pokemon Go?

Loudred is a popular Pokemon, likely due to its somewhat amusing appearance. Its ears kinda look like speakers, plus it has a huge mouth with gappy teeth. Lots of Pokemon Trainers like to keep one in their collection, so what better way to show off their prowess than by making it shiny? Are players actually able to capture a shiny Loudred, though?

Loudred can be shiny in Pokemon Go, as can its evolutions Whismur and Exploud. Here’s the easiest way to earn a shiny Loudred in Pokemon Go:

How to get a shiny Loudred in Pokemon Go

  • Catch a shiny Whismur in the wild.
    • Boost the Whismur spawn rate by searching in Partly Cloudy weather conditions.
  • Feed the shiny Whishmur 12 Candy to evolve it into shiny Loudred.

While some users will cherish their shiny Loudred, others will inevitably want to evolve it and gain one more entry in their Pokemon Go Pokedex. If that’s the case, then it is possible (and simple) to evolve shiny Loudred into shiny Exploud.

How to evolve shiny Loudred into shiny Exploud

To make shiny Loudred turn into shiny Exploud, simply feed it 50 Candy. After using 50 Candies on shiny Loudred, the evolution to shiny Exploud will take place.

Shiny hunters have also been seeking out a shiny Bidoof in Pokemon Go.

Elsewhere in the game, the Sinnoh Collection Challenge is rewarding players for capturing certain types of Pokemon. That’s small fry for certain users, though, as the most advanced players are aiming to catch the most powerful Pokemon in 2021 for their collection.