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Pokemon Go | Can Bidoof be shiny? (January 2021)

Pokemon Go boasts a ton of collectible creatures from all generations of the popular video game and anime series. Many of the featured Pokemon also have rare and desirable shiny versions. But, can Bidoof be shiny in Pokemon Go? Here’s the need-to-know on catching a shiny version of the cute beaver Pokemon, along with its evolution Bibarel on iOS and Android.

Can you get a shiny Bidoof in Pokemon Go?

Can Bidoof be shiny?

Many players love Bidoof for obvious reasons — come on, just look at its adorable face. Shiny versions of popular Pokemon are especially desirable, so it’s no wonder that a Pokemon Go shiny Bidoof is at the top of many players’ capture list. Is it actually possible for budding Pokemon Trainers to add a shiny variant of Bidoof to their collection, though?

Bidoof can be shiny in Pokemon Go. Here are all the ways in which players can get their hands on a Shiny Bidoof:

How to get a shiny Bidoof in Pokemon Go

  1. Catch a shiny Bidoof in the wild.
    • Partly Cloudy weather conditions will boost shiny Bidoof spawn rates.
  2. Complete Research Encounters.
  3. Complete Raid Battles.

It might take a while, as shiny Bidoof is quite rare, but following the above steps should eventually yield one. With perseverance, players can add an adorable shiny Bidoof to their Pokemon Go Pokedex.

How to evolve shiny Bidoof into shiny Bibarel in Pokemon Go

Shiny Bibarel

Shiny Bidoof can evolve into shiny Bibarel in Pokemon Go. In order to evolve shiny Bidoof, players must feed the Pokemon 50 Candies. After using all 50 Candy, the shiny Bidoof will transform into a shiny Bibarel.

Bibarel might not be quite as cute as Bidoof, but it’s worth it to add another Pokemon to the Pokedex and get one step closer to catching ’em all!

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