iPhone iOS 14 Emulators | Why don’t they work?

For many, iPhone iOS 14 emulators would be the ultimate entertainment machine, allowing the phone to run classic video games on the go. While Android users have many options available to them, those on an iPhone or iPad are quite limited. Here’s why emulators don’t work on iOS 14.

Why don’t emulators work on iOS 14?

iPhone iOS 14 Emulators

Emulators don’t work on iOS 14 because they are not allowed to be distributed through the App Store.

However, while Apple won’t permit them on the official App Store, it is possible to install the emulator apps in a different way. Third-party sites offer the ability to install apps that aren’t available on the App Store.

GameRevolution won’t detail it here as emulators and installing iOS apps from a third-party is a bit of grey area when it comes to laws and security concerns, but it is possible. It’s encouraged that emulator users own both the console and game they are attempting to emulate, doing so for convenience as opposed to stealing access.

The reason why so many users believe emulators are only on Android phones is because the iOS App Store doesn’t have them. With most iPhone and iPad users only ever downloading apps through the official store, it’s understandable why most don’t know about iOS emulators and what is truly possible on iOS devices.

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