YouTube | Why do I have to verify my age?

The YouTube “Verify your age” notification is now popping up on PC, iOS (iPhone), and Android. Accompanied by the message “Complete a brief check to show that you’re old enough to watch this video,” the inconvenient age check can stop a user’s viewing experience in its tracks. Here’s why users now have to verify their age on YouTube.

Why do I have to verify my age on YouTube?

YouTube Verify My Age

YouTube users now have to verify their age on YouTube to prove that they are old enough for the content.

Towards the end of 2020, YouTube announced that it would be “using technology to more consistently apply age restrictions.”

To verify their age, some users may be asked to provide additional proof of age. In Europe, for example, a valid ID (Driver’s License) or credit card is required to gain access to age-restricted content.

In addition to the new layer of authentication, YouTube has also revisited where it “draw[s] the line for age-restricted content.” This means that videos that might have avoided restrictions in the past, may now be gated for those under 18.

As for how long it takes to verify an account, those using a credit card should see the result immediately. Those using an ID, however, may have to wait for up to three days.

With a huge number of videos being uploaded to YouTube each day, using machine learning to protect children and teens from inappropriate content is commendable. However, those with privacy concerns may balk at the idea of sending Google forms of ID.

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