YouTube’s version of Twitch Raids is now rolling out to more creators

The ability to send current viewers over to another Twitch channel is a feature that Twitch has offered for quite some time now. When a streamer is ending their broadcast, they can hit the “Raid” button and choose a friendly channel to bombard with new viewers. YouTube has been rolling out a similar feature called “Live Redirect” since the beginning of December and now more creators are seeing the option available to them.

How to raid other streamers using YouTube Live Redirect

To raid other streamers using YouTube Live Redirect, users must do the following:

  1. Click the “Create” button at the top-right of YouTube.
  2. Go to the “Stream Settings” tab.
  3. Select “Edit Settings.”
  4. Go to “Live Redirect.”
  5. Select where to redirect viewers.

YouTube has been rolling out the Live Redirect feature since early December 2020. While more creators are finding the option now available to them, not all users are able to access it. For those who can’t yet see the option in “Edit Settings,” below the “Live Chat” and “Monetization” tabs, the only option is to wait. This post will be updated with any new information and ETAs for mass rollout.

The introduction of YouTube Live Redirect makes for another similarity between Google’s video platform and Twitch (now owned by Amazon). Having similar feature sets will be helpful to those creators who stream to multiple platforms simultaneously. Now their viewers across both Twitch and YouTube can be redirected to another channel with ease.

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