Xbox Series Z video has viewers wondering if the handheld console is real

Footage of an Xbox Series Z portable console is doing the rounds, with the handheld Xbox being shared widely across TikTok, Instagram, and other social media. The console is a concept from popular videomaker imkashama, yet the quality of the creation has still caused viewers to question whether or not the Xbox Series Z is real.

Is the Xbox Series Z real?

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The Xbox Series Z is a design for a portable console from videomaker imkashama. The user is widely known on the platform for futuristic designs based on modern products, with him previously offering his take on the likes of the iPhone, iPod, and even a PSP. The Xbox Series Z is the latest in a line of concepts, with it attracting such a great deal of attention that many are wondering if it’s a real piece of hardware in development from Microsoft.

Given that Microsoft only recently launched the Xbox Series X and S, with both consoles being made available in November 2020, the company isn’t currently working on an Xbox Series Z. While the concept from imkashama is an impressive one, it’s not an actual product that viewers can buy.

Watch the video below:

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Even though there won’t be a release date for the Xbox Series Z, it’s clear why it’s proven to be so intriguing for the casual viewer. Rumors of a portable Xbox have done the rounds for years now, and much like imkashama’s other works, the concept shown in the video is decidedly more advanced than any handheld console that is currently available.

This also isn’t the first odd console design we’ve seen in recent weeks. While the PS5 Starbucks edition turned out to be a hoax, the KFConsole was anything but. Given that we’ll soon be able to purchase a console that aims to keep our fried chicken warm while we play, it’s perhaps no surprise that some assumed the Xbox Series Z was a real upcoming system.