This video has viewers wondering if the PS5 Starbucks Edition is a real thing

Image Source: TikTok/@FNMeka

A video of a claimed PS5 Starbucks Edition is making the rounds on social media. In the short clip, a Starbucks-themed PS5 can be seen that also seems to include a built-in coffee dispenser. Given the effort that obviously went into making the video, it has fans wondering if a Starbucks PS5 really exists. Given how hard it’s been to get a PS5, some might even be ticked off if Sony is supplying consoles for special editions.

Is there a Starbucks PS5 you can buy with a built-in coffee dispenser?

@fnmekaWho here likes Coffee and Videogames? Starbucks x PS5 1 of 1 ##ps5 ##starbucks ##gamer♬ original sound – FNMeka

Something like the PS5 Starbucks Edition would be an obvious fake in the past. However, with the unveiling of the KFConsole, which has a built-in chicken warmer, anything is possible. A console with a coffee maker isn’t that far-fetched these days.

While we can’t confirm this 100%, it seems as though the Starbucks PS5 is likely non-functional. It looks like it may be a real, physical mockup, but the mechanism that dispenses the coffee and stores cups and lids is where the large fan is supposed to be. The fan and its assembly go through the console, so it would be difficult, if not impossible, to relocate it.

PS5 Teardown

Image Source: Sony/YouTube

There’s another factor that makes this video far-fetched. The mechanism that dispenses coffee is activated by pressing the touch bar on the DualSense. There’s no way Sony would allow Starbucks (or whatever company Starbucks would hire to customize the console) to program new functionality into the console. Without access to the OS, the only way to rig this up would be to have the dispenser activate every time the touch bar is pressed, which would be incredibly impractical. A few more strikes against the Starbucks PS5’s authenticity is that we never actually see the console play any games, and there’s a random pile of CGI money behind it.

Despite the design being cool, there is no Starbucks PS5. Perhaps someday, there’ll be a real PS5 Starbucks Edition, but now, the video making the rounds is almost certainly a CGI mockup.