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Apex Legends Switch release date likely coming in tomorrow’s Season 8 trailer

The Apex Legends Switch release date has been quite elusive as Respawn hasn’t give a specific day since its announcement at E3 2020. But signs are pointing to the mysterious date being revealed in the game’s upcoming Season 8 trailer that the developer has just announced. And this alleged date is coming sooner rather than later.

When is the Apex Legends Switch release date?

The Apex Legends Nintendo Switch release date is set for February 2, 2021, according to a couple different leaks. The Japanese YouTube account listed the trailer last week and said that the port was coming on February 2, 2021. That date was later scrubbed from all accounts, but was captured by Apex Legend News on Twitter. The same thing happened to the Poland and Denmark channels as well, further giving credibility to this leak.

Respawn recently announced that another trailer is coming on January 26, which is why many are assuming that this is when the official Apex Legends Switch release date will be officially confirmed. It’ll be a gameplay trailer for Fuse, the new grenade-happy character introduced in one of the previous trailers, but sneaking in a Switch date would not be out of the ordinary.

February 2 also marks the start date for Season 8. This date is just two days off from the game’s two-year anniversary. And Apex Legends came to Steam at the start of Season 7. Given all these matching dates, Respawn’s past history, and leaks, it sure seems like the Apex Legends Switch port is primed to come out when Season 8 kicks off in early February.

Respawn has yet to publicly comment on this portable port after its delay last year. The published pushed this version to 2021 to “do justice to the game and make it into the great experience Switch players deserve.” Hopefully, it will be worth the extra wait.