How to fix Dyson Sphere Program logistics station bug

Dyson Sphere Program is taking PC by storm, appearing out of nowhere and frequenting the “Top Sellers” list on Steam. It also boasts “Overwhelmingly Positive” user reviews, but that doesn’t make the simulation game perfect; users are reporting a Dyson Sphere Program logistics station not working issue. So, here’s the latest on a logistics station fix to help get users’ intergalactic factories running at peak efficiency.

Dyson Sphere Program logistics station bug fix

Dyson Sphere Program logistics station not working

After building logistics stations on different planets in Dyson Sphere Program, users are wondering why their drones won’t move the products. It’s a frustrating situation, especially after absorbing the associated costs of establishing the setup.

Drones only perform intraplanetary work in Dyson Sphere Program, which means that they won’t travel between different planets. By upgrading the drones to supply vessels, logistics stations will begin working on an interplanetary scale. There is no glitch, per se, but the in-game tooltip can be confusing. With the game currently in early access, developer Youthcat Studio is no doubt looking to patch these kinds of problems.

There’s been speculation on Reddit that the Dyson Sphere Program logistics stations don’t work properly, but they do, even if it isn’t immediately obvious. The game — which is has been compared to Factorio — is incredibly complex and not yet finished. As a result, these sorts of miscommunications are likely to be common in the lead-up to its final launch.

The community is keen to share one simple tip, however: Players should always keep an eye out for whether systems work on an intraplanetary or an interplanetary scale. The two words are almost indistinguishable at a glance, though have very different implications. Intraplanetary means that something works on just one planet. Interplanetary means that it works across multiple.

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