No Man’s Sky gets a mysterious 10 GB+ update

The No Man’s Sky 3.15 update is now rolling out across PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One devices. It’s significant in size, weighing in at between 10-13 GB depending on platform. As for what the patch does, well that’s a bit of a mystery. At the time of writing, developer Hello Games hasn’t yet revealed the patch notes. Thankfully, the community is working hard to discover the changes for themselves.

What are the No Man’s Sky 3.15 update patch notes?

No Man's Sky 3.15 Update Patch Notes

No Man’s Sky 3.15 will implement better PlayStation VR performance on PS5, improve Xbox stability and optimization, and decrease loading times.

The Experimental Branch of the game on Steam, where new features are tested, details a number of improvements that could be included in the new patch:

  • Fixed a visual issue when using the terrain manipulator.
  • Stability improvements on PC.
  • Resolution and performance for PSVR have been significantly improved when running on a PS5.
  • Fixed a rendering-related crash on PS5.
  • Xbox Series S in high-quality mode now has the improved Ultra settings introduced in the Next Generation Update.
  • Loading times on PS5 have been improved.
  • PS5 install size has been optimized.

The official patch notes have not yet been revealed by Hellow Games. It’s not unusual for the developer to roll out a patch and then wait until the next day to explain exactly what it does. With the sheer size of the 3.15 update, eager fans have already begun speculating on the content that might have been added.

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